Sperm injected into the uterus of the wife of others: Online xxx porn watch

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Sophia 3 years ago
I want someone to breed me.
4 years ago
Did you become pregnant?, I hope you did
Wannagetpregnant 5 years ago
I want someone to do this to me! Put all your hot cum In me. Getting me pregnant. Then fucking me for 9 months and not pulling out. Licking my hot wet pussy!!
Melissa 5 years ago
Why not just have intercourse and enjoy a good orgasm for both instead? The cervix opens up for a semen deposit.
Honestly 3 years ago
That looks like it hurts
Anonymous 1 year ago
IUI is actually dangerous to do this with “unwashed” sperm. You can get a nasty pelvic infection and suffer intense uterine contractions, which if you to get pregnant, would defeat the purpose.
Naaz 6 years ago
Super sexy
11 months ago
Natural is best. Both can orgasm together produce a baby! Everyone wins. Especially woman.
pete 3 years ago
Make's me thirsty.
chek 7 years ago
I'm a doctor